Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the following courses: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Commercial Pilot License, Bachelor of Engineering, Science and Management, B.Ed., Schools : For further details contact: BHOPAL: 09770192204, Mumbai: 09594989936, Pune: 09373054690, Bangaluru: 08880254446, Cochin:  07592959000 , Bhubneshwar: 07077725897, Guna:  09630020025, Patna: 07869919955, Guwahati: 08422927771, Lucknow:9893591316, Gurugram:09630093680 

Sha-Shib Flying Academy, Guna 
(Approved by DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India) 

Guna Airport, Guna (M.P.) 473001
Cell:  09425977726, 09893591206, 09039001638




To start with SFA has at present 5 aircrafts. However Sha-Shib group proposses to acquire a total of 16 aircrafts in the coming year. In addition the group has acquired two additional Airports at Salem (Tamil Nadu) and Chindwara (M.P) from Airport authority of India and Govt. of Madhya Pradesh respectively. The management proposes to start separate flying academies at aforesaid leased Airports.


Ground training would be conducted in IT Enabled classroom equipped with projectors and it would be backed by high quality course material library.


SFA team of instructors are aviation experts with many years of rich experience in Industry having deep, realistic and rich insight in the curriculum they deliver and are very particular to ensure that the students receive personal attention &training.


SFA has a well furnished and fully air conditioned computer laboratory equipped network system hosting Microsoft Flight Simulator and software for anytime learning various subjects


Most advanced simulators capable of comprehending real life situations are posted simulator training forms are a vital and integral part of our PPL & CPL courses.


A world class maintenance facility equipped with all the requisite tools and modern 11000 sq ft. hanger are available at the Academy. This augmented with our skilled technicians provide us the capability of conducting all the servicing and the efficient and safe operation of our fleet.


In addition to facilities and service offered by SFA at its academic sites, students are offered other required services such as ‑

Bank Loan Assistance: SFA has tied up with banks to provide loans for joining and completing training courses offered at the academy. However the discretion of granding the loan rests solely with the bank based on their loan evaluation criteria.

Campus Cafeteria : A modern cafeteria at the campus provides hygienic and nourishing food during working hours.


We have four hostels with a total capacity of 100 students, including an exclusive girls hostel. All inmates have their food in a central dining facility. Students can avail themselves of residential facilities at these hostels provided by the Sha-Shib Flying Academy. These are provided with the latest amenities to make students feel at home.


  • A hostelite will have to stay in the room allotted to him/her with two or more inmates.
  • Inmates of each room are jointly held responsible for the furniture and other fittings etc., and any damage to the hostel property is recoverable from them in terms of money.
  • Guests are strictly prohibited from entering the hostel premises without prior permission of the warden.
  • Once a student has paid and has been allotted hostel accommodation, under no circumstances the money will be refunded.
  • Students may be expelled from the hostel for violation of rules and also for misconduct such as theft, ragging, abnormal behaviour, use of drugs and alcohol, indiscipline, non payment of fees, etc. A student expelled on disciplinary grounds shall forfeit his fees and deposit.
  • The management reserves the right to reject an applicant's admission to the hostel. In matters of admission and discipline, the decision of the management shall be final and binding.


Facilities are available for playing outdoor games like volleyball, football and indoor games like chess, carom and table tennis. Facilities for playing cricket and tennis are available in and around Guna and arrangements can be made for the trainees to join such clubs.


SFA has a fleet of light vehicles and Mini Buses to transport students from hostel to training facility centre and Airport. They are also utilized forfield exercises and study visits.


Sha-Shib Flying Academy is committed to provide high quality training. In commitment we have blended the existing regulations with scientific safety measures & quality management system. All activities performed at the SFA are in accordance with the framework prescribed by DGCA and the Quality Assurance Standards.

At SFA, Quality is our Credo. Safety is our way of Life.


 Students will also have access to various books on flying and ground training from the Academy library.


 The Academy offers a Wi-Fi enabled campus for students to access course material online anytime.


In addition to course material provided along with the induction kit, students will have access to a well equipped Pilot Shop, from where they can purchase all aviation related merchandise and books on aviation literature.


 SFA student cell would be available to provide any further Assistance.